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7 Questions With NTG


Welcome To 7 Questions With NTG. Ceo of Ntune Entertainment Group (with Thurl AF) and femcee "NTG" interviews the who's who and the who's new, in arts, entertainment, culture, fashion, entrepeneurs, sports and more.

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Episode 7 - Cozy Mobetta

Episode 7 - Cozy Mobetta

NTG Interviews R&B Sensation on the rise definitely making a name for himself on the music scene. Since the age of five, Moe knew he wanted to be an entertainer. Blessed with a stellar natural voice, he got his first paying singing gig at only eight years old, Since then he’s been perfecting his craft by Blowing away local competition at talent shows and major public events. After his group SPLIT IMAGE engaged in winning an appearance on the Apollo, he realized that he was destined to be solo. Moses found it hard to find many people that work as hard as he does singing and performing. Moe was featured on the city of Philadelphia citywide high school Making a Difference Against Guns Drugs and Violence Tour. His legion of fans grows with cache appearance. His stage show is Electric and must be seen too be believed. With influence like Michael Jackson. Usher, Sisqo, Ginuwine, how can go wrong. Moses Aaron Fields. Writes all his own material and songs are top ten caliber. He’s a rare talent that can capture an audience with his own songs He is currently working on his full length LP while tearing up stages all over the city. Cozy Moe is destined for stardom; His music is hypnotic sweet soul and R&B. Now Moe has charter on a new journey coming together with a dynamic band by the name of “Assumption”. By Moe collaborating with members of “Assumption”, a band that is a musical fusion of Jazz, Funk, & Blues is able to take Moe music to another level it never been. Already Cozy Moe & Assumption have taken their collaboration to live stage and have received great reviews of their live performance. Reviews well enough that it landed Cozy Moe & Assumption all feature in Poze Production Magazine for their Fall Edition 2015. At this point with the hard work and passion that Cozy Moe & Assumption show no tell where the road may lead them to a successful and prosperous collaboration.
Episode 6 -  Nkrumah Sekou Jennings (Anu Designs By Nkrumah)

Episode 6 - Nkrumah Sekou Jennings (Anu Designs By Nkrumah)

NTG Interviews Nkrumah Sekou Jennings( Anu Designs by Nkrumah )Nkrumah Jennings was born in New York and grew up in New Jersey. The jewelers' journey started in 1998 when Nkrumah was in his mid twenties. He took a trip from his hometown of Birmingham, AL to Puerto Rico, then from Puerto Rico to Venezuela and Brazil. While in Puerto Rico a man by the name of Shamba overheard Nkrumah and a friend planning the Venezuela portion of their trip. Shamba offered to teach Nkrumah how to make simple handmade jewelry out of gemstones and jewelry wire. He said that this craft would help Nkrumah to finance his trip. While traveling Nkrumah met other jewelers who taught him how to work metal. Nkrumah traveled the Amazon for five days. During that time he played dominoes on the upper deck with the South American Indians who also taught him how to turn brass and silver wire into classic jewelry designs. In 2001 Nkrumah moved to Brooklyn. Once in New York, Nkrumah quickly earned himself a name and a following in the fashion industry and among fellow artists for game changing designs and quality work. During the last 17 years, not more than a month would pass where Nkrumah has not picked up a hammer and piece of copper. Nkrumah has met and adorned almost all his favorite artists, sheroes, and heroes. That list would include the likes of Roberta Flack and Mary J Blige to name a couple. In February of 2015 Nkrumah moved back to the south to a house in the quiet solitude of the country where is furthering his mastery as a craftsman. Today, Nkrumah continues to service a great wealth of clients from all over the world.
Episode 1 - Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory)

Episode 1 - Freedom Williams (C&C Music Factory)

NTG interviews Freedom Williams of C&C Music Factory. C&C Music Factory is famous for the mega hit that has lasted over 30 years, "Gonna Make You Sweat". This is the interview you don't want to miss as Freedom is candid and honest as he talks music,fasting, tour life and so much more. A little history of Freedom compliments of Wikipedia Born in Brooklyn in 1966, Williams went to school to become an audio engineer and worked as a janitor at New York's Quad Recording Studios. At the time, Robert Clivillés and David Cole frequently used this studio. Clivillés and Cole heard and liked Williams' baritone timbre and rhythmic flow and they recruited Williams to rap on their 1990 debut album Gonna Make You Sweat as part of Clivillés and Cole’s music group C+C Music Factory.[2] Williams' rapping can be prominently heard on many of the songs on the album, including Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)", as well as other major hits "Here We Go (Let's Rock & Roll)" and "Things That Make You Go Hmmm..." (both released as singles in 1991). All three of those songs hit No. 1 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart. According to C+C Music Factory founder Clivillés, he and Cole had asked him in 1994 to work on new C+C Music Factory material, but Williams refused. Williams' solo debut, Freedom was released on June 1, 1993 on Columbia Records. The single "Voice of Freedom" peaked at No. 74 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 4 on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1993, and its follow-up "Groove Your Mind" also charted on the Club Play chart, peaking at No. 33. In 2004, he enjoyed chart success again in the UK with his single "Sweat the Remixes" on RMD Entertainment. The song got national airplay and peaked at No. 8 on the UK Dance Charts that year. Williams contributed all the rap vocals for Eurodance act Masterboy's digital-only best-of-release "US Album" from 2006.Williams was the majority owner of the Continental Basketball Association's Atlanta Krunk franchise. In the late 1990s, Williams started to worldwide perform shows under the C+C Music Factory, or a variation of that name. In 2005 C+C Music Factory founding member Clivillés labeled this "the biggest insult in the world". In 2003, Freedom Williams acquired the federal trademark to use the name "C and C Music Factory" for live performances. Williams toured under that name until renewing his trademark to "C & C Music Factory" in 2014. As of 2014, Williams has owned the trademark rights to the name for all related efforts, not just live performances.Follow Freedom Williams fb Instagram Follow Philly's Power Couple Websites Twitter Instagram #freedomwilliams #ccmusicfactory #7questionswithntg

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