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Mission Statement 

Take your music to the next level with the help of Ntune Entertainment Group. We are an independent artist label and full web marketing company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Compared to other labels, we treat our artists like partners instead of clients. Through our extensive knowledge of the industry and wide network of connections, our team helps you grow both creatively and professionally. Trust us to teach you everything that will help you succeed in a very competitive market. Collectively we have more than a decade of experience & we take pride in building lasting relationships with our artists. Check out our services and let us help expand your brand!


 Full Web Marketing Service

Ntune Entertainment Group we are changing the plight of many new artists opening our doors 

so good music can be produced and get much-needed promotion and exposure at the same time.
Our origins began in 2013 by us for us, We are Philadelphia’s own "power couple of hip-hop", NTG and Thurl AF. We are an independent platform where new artists can get the support they need to produce their brand of music. Our label is designed to be affordable for new artists who lack the resources to produce and promote their songs.  “We noticed there wasn’t really a platform for the kind of music we make, and we wanted complete creative control. We want to make and release the music we love therefore we created a platform not only for us but for others like us. We help other artists who want the freedom to rock out on their terms. 

NTG and Thurl AF we are a real-life love & hip hop duo. We are married as well as real music business partners. We met in August of 2011, and immediately acquired the label "Spitta Gang". Spitta in reference to our lyrical content and gang referring to our movement of independent music. As our chemistry is undeniably strong on and off the stage, we ended up not only making beautiful music together but also making beautiful memories as an iconic couple in the hip-hop world. Our influence in Philly’s hip-hop community is truly remarkable and we have earned the respect of our peers over the years. We are serious about our craft and helping "the underdogs". The passion we have for music is evident in our extensive catalog. 
We have successfully worked alongside other artists, including Tone Trump, Legendary Hip Hop artist Kurtis Blow, DJ Too Tuff of The Tuff Crew, Hip Hop Artist Cyhi The Prince (signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music and Def Jam Recordings), to mention some. Philadelphia’s Power Couple also co-produced an independent showcase with Air It Out Radio featuring DJ Drewski of Love and Hip Hop New York and Hot 97.

     Philadelphia’s Power Couple have been featured in magazines like XXL Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, The Hype

Magazine, Up Next Magazine, and  Street Motivation Magazine. We also have also been featured on popular hip-hop sites,

such as Hip Hop Dx, This Is 50, All Hip Hop, Hip Hop Since 1987, Hip Hop Vibe, and others. Radio appearances with

Coast 2 Coast , 98.5 Fm The Wire, Cali’s Best Radio Show, The Magnetic Mixtape, Air It Out

Radio, Gloca Wear Radio, The Real Deal Radio,Official Street Radio,HoodX,Unsigned 99, RobG Radio, SFR Radio,Uptown

Radio, Machines and many more.


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